Buy One, Plant One Tree

We plant one tree in Northern- Norway for every product sold. Together we can make a positive contribution to sustainable

Buy One, Plant One Tree

We plant one tree in Northern- Norway for every product sold. Together we can make a positive contribution to sustainable

Sustainable Supplements

Northern Norway has one of the most beautiful natures Norway has to offer with a rich natural diversity both on land and in the sea. But like the rest of the world, we are facing one of the biggest challenges of all time related to ongoing climate change. The concentration of CO2 continues to increase in the atmosphere, which could contribute to global warming. It is expected that the temperature will increase most in northern parts of Norway (Varanger and Finnmarksvidda) with an increase in the average temperature of 2 degrees (from 6 to 8 °C) until the year 2100 (Forsgren, Aarrestad, Gundersen, Friberg, Jonsson, Kaste, Lindholm, Nilsen, Systad, Veiberg, Ødegaard, 2015).

How will climate change impact Northern Norway?

Research points to a number of effects of climate change such as global warming, more extreme weather, melting of glaciers and sea ice, and changes in rainfall. Some of the effects of these climate changes expected to be seen in the north are a warmer and wetter climate. But fortunately not all the changes are equally gloomy. It is also expected that the growing season will be extended as a result of increased daily temperature, which could have a positive effect on the forest area, both as a result of increased growth but also as a result of the forest boundary moving uphill and further north (Forsgren, Aarrestad, Gundersen, Friberg, Jonsson, Kaste, Lindholm, Nilsen, Systad, Veiberg, Ødegaard, 2015).

How can we slow down climate change in the north?

We have chosen the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG) as a starting point in order to contribute to slowing climate change here in the north. The UN’s sustainability goals for sustainable development are the world’s joint work plan with a total of 17 different goals to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and stop climate change until 2030. Out of the 17 goals, have we chosen to focus on the UN’s sustainability goals 15 – Life on land and 12 – Safe consumption and production.

SDG 15 - Life on land

According to UN Sustainable Development Goal 15, the aim is to: “Protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of ecosystems, ensure sustainable forest management, combat desertification, stop and reverse land degradation and stop the loss of species diversity”

Forests are an important ecosystem that, among other things, circulate and purify water, purify the air, store carbon and prevent erosion. Over 80% of all animals, plants and insects that live on land live in the forest. Since most of the absorption of carbon on land takes place in the forest ecosystems, the forest will play a significant role in the climate context. Deforestation and desertification, therefore, contribute to major challenges in creating sustainable development.

Support our campaign: `Buy One, Plant One Tree´

To reach the goal in the Paris Agreement to limit warming to below 2 degrees, and preferably down to 1.5 degrees, significant emission cuts are required in all sectors. According to the UN climate panel’s sixth main report, part 3, trees and tree planting are an important tool in the climate crisis and the nature crisis.

Since tree planting contributes to cleaner air and a brighter future, we plant a tree in Northern Norway for every product sold. In this way, we can together make a positive contribution to a more sustainable development. By 2025, we have set ourselves the goal of planting 100,000 trees here in Northern Norway. Together we can reach 100,000 trees.

SDG 12 - Secure consumption and production

According to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12, the goal is to: “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”.

This goal is about doing more with fewer resources by reducing the consumption of resources, environmental damage and climate emissions in the production of goods. This goal could contribute to more sustainable development by limiting climate change, economic growth and a better quality of life. To accomplish this goal, we have become organically certified by Debio, chosen local renewable resources( plant ingredients) and offer environmentally friendly packaging with glass containers that contain a larger volume of gummy vitamins for our customers. In comparison to other brands that offer 60 gummy vitamins in one container, we offer 90 gummy vitamins in one container.

Sustainable ingredients

One of our key ingredients are wild berries from northern Norway. These berries grow without human intervention and are gently harvested by hand. These wonderful berries from the untouched nature of the Arctic bring us back to nature. No matter where we live, they are part of our cultural DNA. These exquisite berries were here long before us and will be here long after we are gone, representing the symbol of a sustainable food source.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We are committed to contributing to a circular economy by using recycled materials around the packaging. All product packaging, glass, paper and cardboard must be recycled. The packing station has recycling bins to separate all the components of the product (paper, glass, plastic) to ensure that all rubbish is returned for recycling.


Forsgren, E., Aarrestad P.A, Gundersen, H., Christie, H., Friberg, N., Jonsson, B., Kaste, Ø., Lindholm, M., Nilsen, E.B., Systad, G., Veiberg, V., Ødegaard, F. 2015. Klimaendringenes påvirkning på naturmangfoldet i Norge – NINA Rapport.

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