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After discovering the beautiful, clean nature in Northern Norway and the premium plant- ingredients that are grown here due to the unique climate, we decided to settle down here in Finnmark and turn the traditional supplement ingredients list on its head, by choosing natural ingredients and focus on sustainability.

Our products contain only vitamins and minerals of the highest quality, and raw juice from wild berries grown in the wild, pure nature in Northern Norway. The raw juice from these delicious wild berries, not only provides a fantastic taste and a beautiful colour to the gummy-vitamins but is also rich in antioxidants (vitamins & minerals) and fibre.

The nature in Northern Norway is one of the last remaining untouched areas in the world. The clean nature and cold climate provide the ultimate conditions for plant-ingredients to grow.

In Northern Norway, the sun does not set in the summer. From May to July, we have up to 24 hours of sunlight north of the Arctic Circle, which creates a magical summer atmosphere. The summer season in Northern Norway with midnight sun and low temperatures is one of those things that creates the perfect climate for wild berries to grow, contributing to a higher concentration of antioxidants among these berries, compared to similar berries picked in the southern part of the country. These active, science-backed compounds provide a treasure trove of nutrients, flavour and colour to our supplements. Our products are formulated into a base of Arctic active natural ingredients like wild berries.

Our products contain only vitamins and minerals of the highest quality and they are carefully tested by an independent third party, Nemko Norlab (formerly Sintef Norlab). It is important to us that our customers can feel 100% confident in our products.

We want to contribute to sustainable development and therefore have a strong focus on renewable ingredients and sustainable packaging. We prefer renewable sourced ingredients, and glass containers for supplements that can be easily recycled after use

You can find our products at the following dealers:
Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta
Alta Museum
Sami Siida, Alta
Kry Interiør, Amfi Alta
Sampi Park, Karasjok
Bunnpris, Amfi Alta
Boreal Adventure
Swoloowopmi Fjellstue, Alta

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